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Why is Vertu mobile so expensive?

All Vertu mobile phones are made up of precious high-end expensive metals & materials. The actual cost of the materials used to manufacture the luxury mobile is much more than the regular smartphone of any other brand. For instance, if we compare this vertu phone with another one, the inner body frame of the vertu phone is created of Grade 5 Titanium Alloy metal. On the other hand, the regular phone is made up of hardened plastic\steel.

In the Vertu mobile, we utilize the premium eco-leather stitched all over an outer hand, and the regular phone is made of steel. In the vertu phone, we utilize the premium quality features. The outer body is either thick glass\plastic, but the vertu mobile is handmade by the trained craftsman- whose job is to make the masterpiece & the Vertu phones are very much limited in their quantity, on the other hand. So when you use this vertu mobile, you can get the great feeling of using this. Vertu Mobiles in Pune is much more demanded than its production also.

What is the price of Vertu mobile?

Starting price of the Vertu Phone In Pune is Rs. 45,000. All these phones are listed on the official site of this vertu mobile. Vertu mobiles & prices normally range between Rs. 45,000 to Rs 2,60,000. The vertu phone price of smartphones such as the vertu aster P & The vertu constellation X begins from Rs. 78,500. This costliest vertu mobile is a vertu life vision smartphone with a price of 2,60,000.

To enjoy the advanced features of this vertu mobile, you should immediately buy this. This phone will complete your look. This will add extra attractiveness to your style. You can also get this phone in all Vertu Store In Pune.

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