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This premium vertu life vision smartphone is an excellent alternative if you're sick of normal flagmen. Your uniqueness and character will be highlighted by its recognisable V-shaped insignia. The materials and finishes used to make the model are real and handcrafted. The case's 156.46 x 73.64 mm dimensions and 9.27 mm thickness guarantee its comfortable and ergonomic use. The screen is made of a solid sapphire crystal with an optical clarity of over 100K. The 2340 x 1080-pixel colourful display produces an image with a strong sense of contrast. Bright pictures can be saved to a 246 Gb storage space with the 48 MP rear camera and the 20 MP front camera. The non-removable 4500 MAH lithium Ion battery will ensure a long-lasting. Security features of vertu Life vision
  • Vertu, an English company that makes high-end mobile devices, safeguards every smartphone with its renowned service, Vertu CERTAINTY, which provides several built-in security mechanisms and services.
  • Using Silent Circle, every Vertu smartphone can send cutting-edge encrypted phone calls and text messages.
  • Through iPass, Vertu customers have access to more than 57 million data-secured WiFi hotspots worldwide.
  • Kaspersky antivirus provides world-class security for every Vertu smartphone.
  • Through your protected Vertu account, the Vertu Lost Phone Service enables you to remotely lock, wipe, discover, and ring your Vertu. It would help if you visited the vertu store to get the vertu life vision price.
The hazards to security increase along with the popularity of smartphones. To protect their clients' irreplaceable data, Vertu, the innovator of luxury mobile phones, includes a wide range of cutting-edge integrated security features and services with every smartphone.
To provide unmatched protection through the service, Vertu CERTAINTY, Vertu has worked with global pioneers in the field of data security. You can access Vertu CERTAINTY, which includes features like voice-encrypted phone calls, global WiFi connectivity, Kaspersky antivirus, and Vertu Lost Phone service, to mention a few, after you press the recognisable Ruby Key on your Vertu phone. Vertu life vision specifications: Vertu life vision specifications have teamed with Silent Circle, a call and text encryption leader, to secure the privacy of voice calls and text messages. Silent Circle ensures that any sensitive information you might provide through your device is only accessed by the intended recipient and not eavesdropped on by a third party as smartphones become our significant means of communication.
Vertu life vision mobile phone provides its customers with a free subscription to iPass, which gives them access to the largest WiFi network in over 120 countries and protects their data when travelling. iPass protects your connections with three different levels of protection. Vertu has collaborated with Kaspersky Antivirus to protect your device from damage when downloading applications, checking your email and using the internet. Kaspersky, one of the most potent antivirus programs on the market, will block any risky viruses, websites, and links to keep your Vertu phone secure and virus-free. Lastly, The last thing anyone needs or wants is to lose their most valuable gadget, whether it was stolen or not. For this reason, Vertu introduced its Lost Phone Service. Since the tracking is connected to the device's IMEI and not the user account, this service gives users peace of mind by protecting their Vertu smartphone against theft.