Return & Refund

30 Days Replacement Warranty

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Vertu. Modern international quality standards are met by our phones. If the product that was shipped to you has a manufacturing flaw, we offer a 30-day replacement warranty. Subject to company policy, this includes the phone as well as any accessories like chargers and earphones.

Customers can easily report hardware issues and request replacements thanks to our replacement policy. The warranty is applicable throughout India.

Please be aware that the warranty cannot be assigned to another person. The choice of replacement will be made by the company, and it will be final and binding.

Process of replacement

Within 10 days of the delivery date, the customer must inform us of the nature of the defect in order to request a replacement. Please email us at or call our customer service desk with any questions regarding replacements.

We will set up a pickup from your address as soon as we receive your request for a replacement. A brand-new replacement phone will be delivered to you if our experts determine that the phone cannot be repaired.

Please take note that only manufacturing flaws are covered by the 30-day replacement warranty. If the product is physically harmed while being used, it is not covered. The 30-day warranty, for instance, does not apply if the phone’s screen or outer casing are harmed.

The warranty will also not apply in cases of software-related problems. The customer is responsible for adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions found with the handset.


We have a 7-day return and refund policy.

Vertu strives to offer customers complete satisfaction. You can choose to exchange your current phone for one of equal, higher, or lower value if you decide after buying it that it doesn’t fit your personal style or if you want to switch from another phone. Once we have your product, we will refund your money to your bank account in the event of a refund. According to company policy, the original phone needs to be returned that day.

In both situations, we arrange for product pickup from your address.